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Explore Ergonomic Knife Designs from Montgomery, TX   

Knives are versatile tools, and, like any tool, they work best when you can use them safely and comfortably. When handling knives often, you want to not only be sure you won’t cut yourself but also that you won’t develop a repetitive strain injury.

Enter Brad Duncan of Duncan Knives. He’s the designer to trust when you’re ordering a custom, ergonomic knife from Montgomery, TX. Not only do his knives look and work great, but also you’ll notice an immediate difference in how they feel to use. No matter what you use your knife for, you can rest assured it will be comfortable to handle, even for extended periods of use.


Explore his knife collection and contact Duncan if you have any questions. He’ll be happy to craft a knife according to your specifications.

Endless Design Possibilities

When developing ergonomic knife designs, a lot of attention is paid to custom measurements like hand size. However, these are far from the only customization possibilities. As you’ll see in the gallery and across this site, your knife can feature special stylings on its handle and the blade itself. Likewise, you can choose different metal types, engravings, and so on. Contact Duncan to discuss the endless possibilities for your new knife.