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Skilled Custom Knife Maker in Montgomery, TX

Brad Duncan became an overnight success three years after he started his own custom-knife company. The success of the said custom knife maker in Montgomery, TX, stems from a story about Duncan Knives in "American Handgunner" magazine. The magazine's knife writer, Pat Covert, asked Duncan about doing a story. 

Covert wrote the story in 2002 with artwork by Icharo Negate. The response was tremendous. In just two weeks, the custom knife maker had more than 200 orders, which put him into a backlog of 2 years.

During this time, it seems everyone reached out to the company for custom knife design and knife making, from a prince to rocks stars to police and the military. After a whirlwind of trade shows and knife making, he decided it was time for a break in 2008 during the double-dip recession. 

During this break, Duncan worked in manufacturing engineering, where he designed and made all types of weapons that included guns and components for intercontinental ballistic missiles. Also, part of this manufacturing engineering experience included modes of transportation, such as cars, trains, and planes.

This time away from knife making gave him the space he needed, as well as extensive knowledge of engineering. After this break, he was inspired again to give it all to his knife design and knife making business.

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Custom Knife Maker in Montgomery, TX