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Custom Knife Maker in Montgomery, TX

Custom Design

Exclusive Knife Designs in Montgomery, TX

30 years of design experience

Knife Maker in Montgomery, TX

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Custom Knives in Montgomery, TX

Exclusive Designs from a Knife Maker with 20 Years of Experience

You admire the strength and beauty of a well-made knife. Now you have the opportunity to have someone that has crafted blades for more than 20 years to create custom knives for you. People from all walks of life, including dedicated collectors, turn to Duncan Knives for custom knives in Montgomery, TX. The owner, Brad Duncan, is the knife maker that pioneered bearings in the knife industry.

Through his company, he provides knife design and making, resulting in a collector's item made especially for you. These knives are top-quality blades that meet the highest industry standards. With his decades of experience in knife making, as well as engineering, our owner and artist create knives worthy of their own Certificates of Authenticity.

Custom Knife Shows And More

  • Shot Show Las Vegas
  • Blade Show Atlanta
  • New York Custom Knife Show
  • Blade Show West
  • USN Gathering XI
  • Email or text Duncan with your ideas for a new knife.

Customer Comments And Video Reviews

  •  "I have a couple of Brad's before his whiplash days and both are very well made and rock solid." (Ken)                                                         
  •    "Brad is a top notch maker and his work is in great demand Due to the SMOOTHness of his folders, this is due to the Bearing       pivot system that he designed over 20 years ago" (Dee)                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  •   So I was at the AR Custom Knife show,wandering around and stumbled across two little girls sitting behind a great big table with a few knives on it. Duncan. Yeah,I heard of him. So I asked to pick them up and was granted permission.
    Wow. These are pretty nice.Next I see brad walking towards the table,and we talk knives for a few minutes..
      I was  wondering what you fine people have to say about this gentleman's wares... From what I saw they were top-notch. Clean,good grinds,SMOOTH,and a good,solid lock up.  ( Maurice  )                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
  •   Got a from Brad at the last Chesapeake Knife Show; nice guy and *great* knife! (Michael)                                                                                                                     
  •   I am a big Brad Duncan fan. I think he makes some absolutely Gorgeous knives. Mike, the story behind THAT whiplash!!!! If the Docs put me back together in time for Atlanta, bring that with ya. If THAT knife could talk!!!!
    Every other Duncan I want is like trying to find a knife by Joel, SOLD OUT   (Wolf)                                                                                                                                               
  •   I got one of the first Whiplash D/A's he made with the Sharpfusion which I would like to make a correction from a previous post above is made with ATS34, and stellite, and it has been the knife I have carried daily since I got it in September of last year. I have cut many things with it(cardboard, paper, string, rope, plastic bottles, plastic ties,etc.), and have been really impressed in how well it holds an edge. I tried all those things to compare it with my talonite bladed knives of which some are also custom knives. I was so impressed that I called Brad on the phone, and we had a lengthy discussion about it, and details of how the sharpfusion was done, and what he had planned for the future in trying different steels other than ATS34.
    I really like the Sharpfusion idea, and I can say it is a bear to sharpen but with diamond rods makes it alot easier.
    I highly recommend his knives, and he is a great person to talk to.(Larry)

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